Knee Pain When Running: How to avoid it?


Running involves the bending of the knee frequently. This may cause the straining of the knee hence leading to an aching pain around the kneecap. Runners may feel the knee pain while running. This is usually due to the knee problems caused by straining the knee while running.

Like for instance, chondromalacia patella is a condition where the cartilage which is found under the knee cap breaks hence leading to the pain felt when running.


How do you know you are suffering from knee pain?

The knee pain may be felt during the running activity. One may feel it and may not be sure if it is the normal one or severe knee pain. Some symptoms may tell that a person has knee pain. These symptoms include tenderness being felt around the patella, normally toward its center.

You may also feel the pain towards the back of your knee. This pain usually comes in the sense of cracking or is like the knee is giving out. The steps made while running may aggravate the pain felt in the knee.

Sometimes you may also notice a swell around the knee, popping or grinding feeling in the joint. The doctors may diagnose the problem that leads to knee pain through x-rays and the tests carried out on your knee. The knee can also be scanned to diagnose the problem in the knee before treatment.

What causes the knee pain?

Knee pain when running

Knee pain does not just originate from nowhere; there are one or two factors that will result in your knees experiencing that excruciating pain. Let us take a dive into some of these factors and expound on them.

Overusing the knees

If someone does a lot of repeated high-stress exercises or bending exercises, like lunges, your knees might become strained hence leading to knee pains.

A direct hit to the knee.

This may be due to direct fall or blow to the knee. It might cause a translocation in the knee cap leading to knee pain. The pain may be felt when the runner is running immediately after this has happened to him or her.

Weak or unbalanced muscles in the thigh.

Your knee cap is kept in the place by the quadriceps muscles of the thigh front while stretching or bending the joint. When those muscles are weak or too stiff, your knee cap might not stay in the right position. This may hence lead to knee pain while running.

When the knee bones are not lined up.

If in case one of the bones connecting your hips to your ankles is not in the correct position, the knee cap being involved, which can lead to pressure or stress being exerted to some parts of the joint. This will make your knee cap not to move with ease while running hence resulting in the knee pain being felt in the knee by the runner.

Problems resulting from the feet.

When the foot joints and the joints around the feet are subjected to unusual frequent movement, foot problem called hypermobile feet might result from this. This may also result in fallen arches and over-pronation. These problems may change the way one runs, hence knee pain being felt from the knee while running.

How to deal with knee pain

Treatment of the knee pain can be done through several different ways. This can be either by use of drugs or just doing stretching exercises. Before deciding on which method to follow to get your knee healed, you should always seek the doctor’s advice or any other specialist.

Knee pain when running

In most cases, the knee pain usually gets healed on their own when given time. Some knee pains usually persist, and when this happens, it is better to seek medical check-ups. The following are among some of the activities you can do to speed up your knee recovery.

  • Wrap your knee using elastic bandage, sleeves or patella straps in order to give it an extra support. This may be done during the running process and also after running. It will help to reduce or speed up the healing process of the knee.
  • You may also use ice in your paining knee to ease the pain or swelling. Do this for thirty minutes after every four hours for three days or until the pain completely varnishes.
  • Carry out strengthening as well as stretching exercises that target your quadriceps muscles. You may require a physical therapist recommended by your doctor to help you do this.
  • Try to use orthotics or arch supports on your running shoes. You can either buy them or custom make them. This will help to prevent the knee pain resulting from the problems with the feet.
  • When feeling knee pain after running, you may also elevate your leg using a pillow while you are lying down or sitting. This will help to support your knee at the correct position hence delivering you from the pain.
  • You may also rest your knee after running as much as possible and try avoiding activities that may worsen the pain such as lunging, standing for an extended time and squatting. Do this until your knee gets healed.
  • Some drugs such as naproxen or ibuprofen also may be used. The drugs cure inflammation hence will deliver you from pain and swelling. Use these drugs occasionally since they have side effects such as ulcers and risk of bleeding.
Knee pain when running

In some rare cases, the knee pain may be severe. Severe cases of knee pain may require surgery in order for the knee to heal. This may be due to damaged cartilages or other problems. The surgeons may treat the knee by doing an operation to the knee and replacing or removing the damaged cartilage in the knee.

How long the knee takes to recover differs from one person to another. You should always be patient to give your knee enough time to heal.

What to do to avoid knee pains

No one wants to have painful or injured knees. It makes life so uncomfortable and therefore is there was a way in which people could avoid knee pains and injuries, everyone would want to know about them. You can try the following precautionary measures to make sure that you don’t experience knee pain or injuries.

  • Use the shoe inserts in cases where you have the problems that might lead to knee pains.
  • Make sure your running shoes are comfortable enough and have enough support.
  • Keep the thigh muscles limber and strong by doing regular exercise.
  • Ensure you maintain your body in the correct shape and keep a healthy weight.
  • Avoid doing intense sudden workouts especially when doing squats. The changes must be made slowly.

The final verdict

Knee pain results from several things which can be avoided. If you understand the things that lead to knee pain you can always avoid them and hence make the knee pain to be minimal or completely do away with it.We should always practice the healthy exercise procedures to avoid knee pains while running. When you maintain a healthy body, you will always heal faster or rarely experience knee pain. If you have any comments, please tell us about them in the comments section below.


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