How To Run Long Distance- The Golden Guide To Achieving Your Aim


When you are new to running, you might find making a 5km run convenient. You believe it’s a great achievement. Have you ever thought of running a marathon, half marathon, or more? It could be difficult to comprehend. Each time you exceed your normal running limit, you are exploring a new world. Staying within your comfort zone is a way of limiting yourself when you can explore something new, have fun and become fit.

Embarking on a long distance run shouldn’t be a problem for you. Always remember that there is always a life at the end of a comfort zone. If you are thinking of how to run long distance, this article will provide you with information and perfect ways to go about it.

What Is Long Distance Running?

It is a type of running where you run for many distances, at least 3km. It requires strength and stamina. It can also be called endurance running. It involves building your comfort level of going a long distance at a faster pace. It also develops your aerobic efficiency.

From one runner to another, distance running might be different. For a sprinter, 10k run might be a long distance run while for a 10k runner, a half marathon might be a challenge.

Additionally, for a half marathoner, a full marathon might be a challenge. Your muscles should have the ability to deal with pounding no matter the distance.

What Are The Benefits Of Running A Long Distance?

There are a lot of advantages attached to running a long distance. Some of these are:

  • It offers an efficient full body workout
  • It helps in burning tons of calories in the body
  • Emotional wellbeing is improved
  • The heart, bones, and muscles are strengthened​
  • You will become smarter



What Are The Mistakes You Should Avoid While Running A Long Distance?

For you to tackle the intended distance there are some mistakes you need to avoid. There are:

  • Avoid running too far and too fast. As you run, try to vary your effort level. Try to run at a pace that is conversational and easy.
  • Do not fuel with too much sugar. It might cause stomach upset while running.
  • Avoid running by pace. Instead, run by feel. With this, you will be able to reach the perfect distance for that day.
  • Stay away from a lot of back to back long runs
  • Do not train with someone that is not at same pace with you.
  • If you have a setback, don’t try to catch up on mileage. Just try to modify the plan and then merge back into it.

How to Run Long Distance

To run a long distance or conquer the decided distance, there are some tips that can see you through.

  1. Run at a slow pace.

Some people believe all run requires going fast. Not when you are running a long distance. If you are someone that uses 10 minutes to run 3 miles, you cannot use the same time to run 10 miles. Keep your pace as low as possible. Make sure you run at a pace where you will be able to talk easily.

In case you are finding it difficult to do that, you can take a pet or friend along, they should help you slow down. You can start to increase your speed gradually, as your body begins to adapt to the mileage.

  1. Take walking breaks if needed

Including short walking breaks at regular intervals will help you build endurance. Also, you will have time to recover. Since you will be on your feet for long, your body might get tired. If you continue to run, it might lead to injury such as muscle damage.

  1. Take enough fluid and restock your carb supply

During your long distance run, you will need to replenish the electrolytes you have lost. So you need to stay hydrated. Consume about 30 grams of carbs every hour.

  1. Run multiple distances during training

Including shorter distances to your training has lots of benefits. It improves your muscular endurance and builds up your speed and aerobic threshold. During the short distance runs, try increasing your pace. With this, your fitness base will be solid. During your long distance run, the overall time will also be improved.

  1. Inspire your legs to keep on moving

While on a long distance run, you might want to give up. Think of what motivates you and keep going till you reach your goal.

How to Run Long Distance Faster

There are some strategies you can use to increase your speed over a long distance. Have it in mind that speed development needs to be approached in a different manner for each runner.

  1. Include long tempo runs to your training plan

During training, try to run faster for longer distance. It will help you build your stamina. If you are a half marathoner, you can do 4-6 miles tempo runs at a pace faster than race pace. For a full marathoner, 8-10 miles tempo run is perfect. In case your target distance run is 10k, 3-4 miles long tempo run would be great.

  1. Incorporate progressive runs to your workout

This involves running each mile 5-10 seconds faster than the previous mile. It will help you increase your ability to endure a pace that is faster. No matter the distance you are planning to cover, begin with a warm-up mile. Then increase the speed in the next miles.

  1. Embark on hill runs

Running uphill and downhill would help develop your strength. It will also increase your speed. As you run the hill repeats, your leg muscles get built up and give you more power to run faster.

Additionally, you can change your running shoes to a better one. Also, increase your weekly mileage. Take the proper amount of carbohydrate and electrolyte.


So there you have it, how to run long distance and how to run long distance faster. It is not complicated as you previously thought. Listen to your body, dance to the tune it plays, keep it simple and enjoy your long distance run.

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