Determine the Best Running Shoes for Metatarsal Pain

For every athlete, investing in the right gear should always be a priority. In this case, it includes getting the right shoes which have been designed for metatarsal. Metatarsal is a common disease syndrome experienced by people on their feet. It is a condition that causes pain of the toes as well as the toe region.

Having the right pair of shoes will aid in relieving the pinching effect on the nerves around the metatarsal area. If you are suffering from metatarsal pain and would still love to run, you would have to invest in the best running shoes for metatarsal pain. These shoes will make sure that you don’t put your hobby on hold.



This condition is common in athletes who weigh a little bit more than the standard weight, those who are used to wearing shoes that do not cushion their feet well and women who wear high heeled shoes. It affects the toe region where the three middle toes meet the ball.

This region is known as the metatarsal heads. As the metatarsal bones keep rubbing against each other, there is inflammation of the nerves which leads to metatarsal pain. It causes so much discomfort to the point that you may feel as if you are walking on stones as you tiptoe.

If it gets to the worst stage, the pain spreads to the other parts of the leg, affecting the foot region and the toes. You are likely to feel more pain when walking barefoot, on a hard surface, when walking for a long period of time or after running for an extended period of time.



The right pair of shoes for metatarsal pain helps to relieve you of pain at the metatarsal joints and bones and any other affected area of the legs. Shoes which offer proper cushioning will provide your nerves more space which means that less pressure will be exerted on them.

This will reduce the pinching effect which occurs in the joints. The right support offered to your feet will help to separate the metatarsal bones to aid in relieving the pain and stop the swelling. Ensure that you choose the best pair of shoes which will suit the activity you intend to practice.



There have been cases where people suffer from a given condition, but they can’t diagnose it because they don’t know the symptoms. To save you from feeling so much pain without knowing what you are suffering from, we have outlined some of the primary symptoms of metatarsal pain.

  • Stiffness and swelling of the toe area of the foot
  • Intense pain in the balls of the foot and the toe region and a feeling of pulsations
  • Discomfort while walking barefoot and in most shoes which have not been modified to suit people suffering from metatarsal pain
  • The metatarsal bones and joints experience irritation and inflammation
  • Factors to consider when buying the running shoes



1. Comfort -A high impact activity like running needs to be comfortable at all times. Therefore, it is very important to consider comfort when buying the best running shoes for metatarsal pain so that you can enjoy running. A comfortable running pair of shoes will also prevent further injuries.

2. Fi– running in shoes that do not fit you well is really a nightmare. Instead of giving you comfort, it will contribute to making you feel a lot of other pains apart from your metatarsal pain.

3. Lifespan– when running shoes are regularly used, they need to be replaced after some time. It is, therefore, wise to go for running shoes with a longer lifespan so that you don’t have to keep running in and out of the shoe stores buying shoes all the time. The rule of thumb states that running shoes should be replaced after every 500 miles.

4. Price – The price is a very important factor that should be given enough consideration when trying to get the best product. This is because even though you might love a particular brand of running shoes, but if you have less money, then you can’t buy it.

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1. Skechers Shape Ups


Its rocker sole design makes it a perfect running shoe for metatarsal pain. Its sole works well at absorbing impact, thanks to its soft kinetic wedge. This helps in reducing the stress experienced by your feet.

It has extra cushioning which makes it suitable for those who stand for an extended period of time. They are available in various designs, ranging from dress shoes, sandals, comfort shoes and athletic shoes.

Their only fault is that they are rather heavy and some users find that disturbing.​

Top Features

  • Made of leather and synthetic material
  • Has a rubber sole which enhances a firm grip on the ground
  • Its heel is approximately 2” high
  • Its platform measures 1”
  • Its kinetic wedge midsole is quite comfy as it is super soft and foamy
  • Has a padded collar and tongue which enhance comfort



  • Has a rubber sole which enhances a firm grip on the ground
  • Durable as the shoes have been constructed using synthetic and leather materials
  • Breathable, thanks to the synthetic material
  • Has a cushioned sole which enhances comfort



  • Their weight is too much for some users
  • Not suitable for running for a long distance


2. New Balance 928 Walking Shoes


These shoes are very responsive at relieving the extreme pain in the metatarsal area. They are made of soft leather which will give your feet a cozy feel. They allow you to have more control, comfort, stability and support to your feet as you run. The pain reliever will work a great deal to ensure that your running does not come to an end.

Top Features

  • Made of leather material
  • Offers adequate comfort due to the presence of the ABZORB cushioning
  • Adequate motion control as it has the ROLLBAR technology



  • Its bottom sole is effective as it reduces the impact of the ground on your feet as you run
  • Fits perfectly which helps to minimize movement on the bottom of your feet
  • Perfect when it comes to reducing metatarsal pain at the ball of the feet



  • Not suitable for physical activities which are demanding


3. New Balance Men's M1540V2 Running Shoe



If you are trying to get the best running shoes that will take care of your metatarsal pain, this is it. The new balance MI540V2 will make sure that you can still enjoy running without having to worry about suffering from any pain. These running shoes have been designed to fit you pretty well. What’s more, it comes in two different colors for you to choose from.

New Balance has done a lot of research to make sure that their product will meet all your needs. This pair of running shoes features the Rollbar technology which will ensure that there is improved medial and lateral rear foot stability. With a breathable mesh, these shoes will see to it that your feet will be very comfortable inside them. It also features a synthetic sole which is relatively durable.​

Top Features

  • Synthetic
  • Synthetic sole
  • Made in the USA
  • ROLLBAR technology
  • Breathable mesh



  • Has a synthetic sole which will last relatively longer when used
  • It has a breathable mesh that features a dual density foam collar and synthetic overlays
  • With the Rollbar technology, it offers improved medial and lateral stability
  • Available at a relatively affordable price



  • They are somehow too loose which forces users to lace up more tightly


4. Brooks Addiction Walker


The manufacturer designed this pair of shoes with the best motive that the shoes would offer the runner maximum comfort. It provides great support for the arch as its HydroFlow Technology is made of gooey fluid units which are dynamic.

This allows for shock absorption at the forefoot and the heel. For better and natural foot movement, the pair of shoes is fitted with an extended progressive and diagonal roll bar. They are perfect shoes for any individual suffering from metatarsal pain.​

Top Features

  • Made of leather material which is durable and comfortable
  • Has a synthetic sole which is flexible to allow for free foot movement
  • From the arch, the shaft is approximately 4” from the arch
  • Offers sufficient support for your arches



  • Has a comfortable design which provides relief from the pain
  • Ideal for individuals with over pronation
  • Has a skid resistant feature. This is due to the HPR Green outsole
  • Controls foot movements which are deviated. The MC Pod configuration makes that possible


5. Drew Shoe Excel


This is an ideal pair of shoes for your running and walking exercises. The most outstanding bit of the Drew Shoe Excel is that it has an insole which has a double pad. This offers adequate shock absorption and comfort with every step you take and on any terrain.

If you need more foot depth, you can remove one of the insoles. The manufacturer ensured that the pair of shoes has adequate padding in the right areas to ease pain and enhance comfort. They are breathable due to the stretchy and mesh material used to make them.

This will ensure that your feet remain cool throughout your running exercise.​

Top Features

  • Made of leather material
  • Dual shank system
  • Has an EVA midsole which enhances comfort
  • Its rubber sole is durable
  • Has two removable footbeds which create a plus fitting system
  • Has a mesh upper which is breathable



  • Its double insole creates a greater depth
  • Comfortable due to its soft fabric lining
  • Great traction due to the rubber sole
  • Keeps your feet cool as its upper is made of breathable mesh material
  • Fitted with a dual shank system



The decision on choosing the right running shoes is not an issue to gamble with, especially if you are experiencing metatarsal pain. I hope that after going through this article, you can now with ease choose the best running shoes for metatarsal pain.

From the review, we declare the Hoka One One Bondi 5 to be the best running shoe for metatarsal pain. It will reduce the metatarsal pain and offer your feet adequate support. Its most outstanding feature is that it has an insole which has a double pad. This provides adequate shock absorption and comfort with every step you take and on any terrain.

The manufacturer ensured that the shoes have adequate padding in the right areas to ease pain and to enhance comfort. They are breathable due to the stretchy and mesh material used to make them. This will ensure that your feet remain cool throughout your running exercise.

You can choose to try out the different types of shoes reviewed here and identify the one that gives you the ultimate comfort. Feel free to let us know the brand that you will settle for.​


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