Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Walkers

Men and women who are slightly heavy generally find it hard to get the right walking shoe. This is because their weight exerts a lot of pressure on their feet. They are also prone to a couple of foot problems such as knee problems, plantar fasciitis, supination, and overpronation.

Doctors recommend that taking a daily walk is appropriate for overweight people as it improves their health. Taking a walk is no issue,however, the problem emerges when one gets a wrong shoe. Trust me; this will ruin the whole experience.

A few manufacturers have considered the plus size people by designing some walking shoes for them to ease their walking experiences. Here is some very crucial information that you need to know about walking shoes for overweight walkers.

Qualities to look out for when buying walking shoes for overweight walkers

  • Durable

You surely don’t want to be buying shoes every month because they are less durable. The best walking shoes to buy should be very durable. Durable shoes will make sure that you don’t make several trips to the shops to buy shoes. This will, in turn, ensure that you use less money in buying your shoes.

  • Comfortable

When buying shoes, you should make sure that you try the shoes so confirm that you are comfortable wearing them. The shoes should fit perfectly well and ensure that you don’t feel any form of discomfort while using them. This is because if the shoes feel uncomfortable on your feet, then you can develop blisters and many other complications which are not good.

  • Wide enough for the big legs to fit in appropriately

It is no doubt that big people have big feet. The only shoes that can match these big feet are wide shoes. Ensure that you check the wideness of the shoes before buying them to confirm if they will fit your legs. If you buy less wide shoes, then you might feel very uncomfortable using them, and that will be wasting your money and time.

  • Stable

There are always those shoes that give less stability when worn. Overweight people need to be very stable when walking and therefore, they need stable shoes. The shoes should be able to supplement their stability so that such people can walk with ease. The best walking shoes for overweight women ought to be low heeled. Flat soled shoes, on the other hand, have proved to the best walking shoes for overweight men.

  • Breathable

The breathability of shoes is something very important to consider when buying walking shoes for overweight walkers. This will make sure that your feet get some fresh air while inside the shoes. This will make sure that your feet do not smell awfully in the shoes.

  • Offers support

It is wise to always go for shoes that offer support to the person wearing them. This is another vital factor that most shoppers must take into consideration when buying the best walking shoes for overweight walkers.

A review on the best five best walking shoes for overweight walkers

New Balance MW840 Health Walking Shoe


This particular shoe has been existing on the market for over a century. It aims at giving plus size walkers the ideal shoe in which to take their walks. It is designed to fit perfectly and at the same time to offer the balance that overweight men and women need to achieve their goals.

These walking shoes are available in two varying colors, black and white. It also has an impressive padding of a tongue and collar. Its outer sole is made of rubber for durability. If by any chance you’ve been looking for the best comfort in your shoes, these shoes will not let you down.

This is because they have the best cushioning for your comfort. What’s more, these shoes are light in weight hence can be used to walk very long distances. These shoes are not ideal for the winter season. If you are looking for stylish shoes as well, these are not the perfect deal.


  • Has a wider foot and a heel that is narrower
  • Its midsole cushioning, ABZORB is impact absorbing
  • To allow for air circulation, the New Balance shoes have breathable perforations
  • Their comfort is enhanced by the mesh collar and the higher instep design
  • Has an outer sole made of rubber


  • Offer comfort since they have a bigger room for the toes to fit in, for people who have wide feet, as well as a cushy sole
  • Light in weight, a feature which makes them easy to walk in
  • Their great cushioning will give your legs the best feeling of comfort
  • Their price is affordable and so owning a pair of these shoes is easy
  • The material used to make every other part of this shoe is durable, and so it will serve you for long


  • Not ideal for use during the winter season
  • Their appearance is not appealing to an individual who may be looking out for a stylish pair of shoes

Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes


This shoe is perfect for both overweight men and women walkers. It is durable, reliable and an outsole which is slip resistant does not put you at a risk of slipping as you walk on the slippery floor. Its shock absorbing capability has been acquired from the HydroFlowA technology.

The inner part of this Brooks Addiction has an innovative MoGo midsole which is full in length and offers your legs a soft and cozy feeling. This shoe will offer you a very sturdy support that will make you very stable in any terrain you might be walking on.

What’s more, these shoes are made using leather, making sure that they are very durable. The only downside of these shoes which should not worry you a lot is that they are heavy. They are also less comfortable due to their stiff nature.


  • Its sole is slip resistant
  • Its cushioning is bio-MoGo and full length
  • The outsole is slip resistant
  • To increase comfort, the shoe has a hydro flow cushioning at the forefoot and the rear foot
  • Their diagonal roll bar is extended and progressive


  • Offers sturdy support
  • Durable, as they are made of leather. This is an assurance that they will serve you for a longer period of time
  • Control as you walk on the inner edge of your foot
  • Offers arch support
  • Offers the Walker excellent cushioning


  • Less comfortable because of their stiff nature
  • Heavy

Saucony Echelon LE2 Walking Shoe


This particular product is quite popular due to its high performance in terms of feel, fit and its general performance. This product has a lining made using a breathable fabric which makes it perform better by enhancing the air circulation.

It has a midsole which has been modified to absorb shock, and at the same time offer, you support due to the PowerGrid cushioning.  These shoes are very durable hence you should not worry about buying several shoes within a short time.

What’s more, these shoes generally fit well. It is sad to realize that they are not water resistant and this is the only downside that people will have to tolerate.


  • Made of leather on the upper part which makes them durable
  • Has an 8mm offset between the heel and the toe
  • Has a PowerGrid cushioning
  • Its lining fabric is breathable
  • Reduced weight from the Dual-density foam


  • Very comfortable
  • Fit perfectly
  • The garment used to make it is super-plush
  • Durable


  • Not water resistant or water proof

ASICS GEL-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe


For an overweight walker who is always on the move, this is the ideal pair of shoes you need to be comfortable and not to experience any pain. With this shoe, you will be spoilt for choice since it comes in varying brands and models.

It is available in neutral colors, black and white, to fit in to be that shoe you can comfortably wear every day. It can fit in as a sports shoe or one to suit a casual outfit. With the availability of the gel cushioning, the level of comfort availed by this shoe is second to none in its class.

The goodness with this shoe is that is can as act as the best walking shoes for overweight men and women alike. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, this is the ideal walking shoe that you should budget on buying.



  • Has a rubber sole which offers stability even on a slippery floor
  • The material used to make it if synthetic and fabric which makes it durable and comfortable
  • Has a removable insole
  • Has SoLyte midsole foam
  • Fitted with Gel cushioning to increase comfort as it protects the heel as well as the toes from impact
  • Has a shaft which from the arch measures low-top


  • They are available for both men and women
  • Light in weight to ease its use
  • Suitable for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis
  • Available in sizes that are fitting
  • To protect the heel and the toe from impact, the shoe has gel cushioning
  • Breathable with a mesh lining and a padded tongue


  • People with wide feet are not lucky to get a pair of this shoe
  • The arch support takes so much time to be comfortable with

Propet Men’s Stability Walker


This product is quite popular, especially due to its light weight, durability, and design. It will offer you stability due to its provision of space for a wider foot as well as a heel. It is breathable as its upper leather is perforated.

To enhance its comfort, the manufacturer fits the shoe with cushioning ridges and a heel pad. For optimum support, the padded tongue and collar will serve you a great deal at the ankle. The stability, comfort, and support will serve you, and as you hit the road, you will experience no disturbance.

This walking shoe has it all; it comes with everything that you might need in an ideal overweight walking shoe. It was made simply to meet all your needs. Despite the fact that it might not be suitable for rough terrains, it is one of the perfect shoes that overweight walkers should consider.


  • Made of leather, hence durable
  • Fitted with a removable insole
  • Has a three-quarter inch insole
  • Its sole is made of synthetic material
  • Its platform measure is at 0 inches
  • Its shaft is to the arch from low-top


  • Quite comfortable
  • Offer stability during the walks
  • Slip resistant
  • Breathable due to the perforated leather
  • Suitable for people who have a wide foot
  • Approved by medical experts for diabetic individuals


  • Not suitable for rough terrains and this makes them to get worn out fast
  • Do not offer enough support for some overweight men and women at the bottom of their feet


You are now better positioned to make an informed decision when buying the best walking shoes for overweight walkers. Just don’t buy any shoe that you’ll come across on the market. From our review, we would highly like to recommend the ASICS GEL-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe. The manufacturer offers models that are suitable for both overweight men and women.

With this shoe, you will be spoilt for choice since it comes in varying brands and models. It is available in neutral colors, black and white, to fit in to be that shoe you can comfortably wear every day. It can fit in a sports shoe or one to suit a casual outfit.

Trust this shoe to be your walking partner as it will make you stable and give you support with every step you take. The GEL is responsible for providing a cushion that enhances comfort. For the women looking for the best walking shoes for overweight women, the shoe has some midsole gender-specific system. It makes use of a lower-density foam which is a layer that forms to the female foot.

Try our several other shoes for overweight men and women and make sure that you get one that suits your needs. Do not settle for less because a compromise will lead to your discomfort. Please inform us of your selection and the reason why you chose that specific one.

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