Best Shoes for Half Marathon Runners

Now that you have decided to take part in the half marathon race, you need to have the right gear if you are aiming for success. The right pair of shoes is part of the right gear. Having the wrong running shoes is obviously not recommended. It will make every other step you take in the marathon cause you discomfort as well as fatigue.

There are several reasons why you need the right shoes when intending to participate in a half marathon race. The shoes should enhance your comfort and make sure that you run at your potential best conditions. Some people might argue that you may have the best running shoes, but without hard work and determination then you’ll fail.

This is very true, but your hard work may also be interfered with if you don’t have the ideal shoes for running a half marathon. This is why it is very essential to have the best shoes for half marathon before taking part in the race.




Even when the cost of the marathon shoes seems to be too much, it will be worth it. Always be ready to spend a considerable amount of money on marathon shoes. This has to be the case if you want to get the best shoe that will offer you comfort as well as stability in the race.


Shape of the shoe and shape of the foot

Feet come in varying shapes, and so there have to be shoes with varying shapes which can fit the different types of feet. When you buy a shoe for a marathon race, ensure that it suits the shape of your foot. This will bring you victory and save you from a lot of problems.



You can find a pair perfect shoes for marathon racing, but if it does not fit perfectly, you will have solved no problem. Make sure that it fits perfectly at the heel such that it is not extremely tight and neither should it be too big. Also, the toe box should allow your toes to be suitable if you aim to win the race.


Shoe type

When you already know the shape of your foot, getting the right shoe type will be easy. There are some factors such as if you have any injury history and how high your arches are. When it comes to the shoe type, there are several which are;

  • Minimalist​ – These shoes were made at the time when human beings moved less. This means that they barely provide much protection. They have a thin sole, minimal upper cushioning as well as a heel-to-toe drop that is quite low. They are not suitable for you if you have ever experienced an injury or if you are huge.
  • Cushioned shoes – These are the ideal version of what we have in mind that marathon shoes should be like. They are suitable for small bodied runners whose mechanics are neutral. They have that soft feel that will assure you that your legs are safe and that no single muscle of yours will get hurt. For overweight runners, these shoes may not be appropriate since they will always give a feeling of the legs being left out on their own. These require shoes with a stronger structure.



The appearance of a shoe will trigger your first thought of whether to buy it or not. There are those that have colors which are not very appealing, or they may seem rather homely. In this case, I urge you not to dwell too much on the aesthetics but get a pair of shoes that will ensure that you, as a marathoner, get the ultimate running experience.


Ability to offer protection

The shoes you get for half marathon racing should be tough enough to protect your legs. They need protection from the impact with the ground. Good quality shoes will protect your legs from getting blistered, getting hurt or from sliding.​



1. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17


With the little changes that have been made on the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17, it gets to be a great shoe that will suit you as a marathoner for the race. Its weight is less compared to that of its predecessor.

With the BioMoGo DNA, its sidewalls are far much better. As you race, they will cradle your feet. For stability of the midfoot, the DRB Accel stabilizer comes in handy. This shoe will give you the best feeling of some good softness underfoot.

Top Features

  • Has a sole made of rubber
  • Fitted with a crash pad that is segmented and full in length. It offers your legs a smooth transition from heel to toe as you make your confident strides
  • Fitted with BioMoGo DNA sole whose dynamic nature will help you adapt to every different stride you take
  • Has a roll bar which is diagonal and progressive whose purpose is to guide the body back to its motion path



  • Available in a variety of colors for you to choose from
  • Its insole is removable
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable as it has a midsole which is of BioMoGo DNA make and it is full-length
  • Its rubber sole makes it stable



  • Quite expensive
  • Its quality is wanting since it is not durable


2. Salomon Speedcross 4


This is a high-quality shoe which will give you the ultimate running experience. A high price accompanies its high quality, so somehow it is worth. During the race, you can be sure that it will offer you solid traction and great support which will keep you from sliding.

Its water resistant feature makes it even more appealing. What’s more, it has a quick lace technology that will help you tie the laces faster hence saving so much time. If you are planning on running on a muddy or snowy track, these are the perfect running shoes to go for.​

Top Features

  • Have a rubber sole whose grip is appealing
  • Made of water resistant textile and anti-debris mesh
  • Gives you a comfortable feel since it fits perfectly with a precise hold on the foot
  • Has a perfect midsole which is light in weight and has molded EVA



  • Offers you a great grip on a muddy track or on a track full of snow
  • Fitted with quick lace technology which will help you save up on time
  • Water-resistant in nature



  • Expensive, a factor which would hinder many individuals from getting themselves a pair


3. ASICS GEL Venture 5


These running shoes can never disappoint you as a marathoner during your race. Their quality makes them suitable for use during training as well as during the race since they can withstand every other terrain that you might subject them to.

They are very cozy due to the GEL lining. Their sturdiness and support will give you the best experience during the half marathon race. Did we mention that these shoes are very breathable? The meshed upper part of the shoes makes them very breathable. Buying them will give you no regret. They also come with a removable sock liner.​

Top Features

  • Have a synthetic and meshed upper
  • GEL cushioning in the heel to increase comfort
  • Fitted with a removable sock liner
  • Has a synthetic sole
  • The shaft of the shoe measures low to top when estimated from the arch



  • Its outsole is modified to have a reversed traction lugs which offer a firm grip on the ground
  • Comfortable, thanks to the GEL cushioning at the rearfoot
  • In high wear areas, the shoe has AHAR outsole made of rubber
  • Breathable, thanks to the meshed upper part of the shoe



  • They are narrow, hence not suitable for marathoners who have wide feet


4. Merrell All Out Peak


If your race will need you to be on rough trails, look no further. This is the right shoe for you. This shoe is stylish, and so its appearance will barely cause you discomfort in the presence of people. Its sleek design is reflective, and this increases visibility when it is dark.

To suit the rough trails, it has a tough grip which cannot let you slip off. The Merrell All Out Peak shoe will give you comfort as well as cushion you from the impact with the ground. Its trail pad will make sure that your feet are always protected.​

Top Features

  • Made of synthetic and textile material
  • Has a rubber sole which gives the shoe fantastic grip on the ground
  • Its footbed can be easily removed
  • Its upper side is meshed and made of synthetic material which makes the shoe breathable
  • Reflective details which aid in increasing visibility in the dark
  • Trail pad to protect your feet



  • To cushion your feet from the impact from the ground the shoe has a TrailProtect pad
  • Has a reflective design whose advantage is to increase visibility when darkness sets in
  • Breathable due to the mesh coverage and synthetic material
  • Flexible



  • Less durable and so they will not serve you for long


5. The North Face Ultra Endurance


North Face products are generally associated with high quality and success. This model has it all. It is durable since it has been made with enough endurance for rough terrains. Its grip is excellent, and so it can serve you on rough ground as well as on the slippery ground.

The North Face ultra-Endurance will make sure your toes are protected due to the availability of the toe cap. If you are worried about any debris that you might encounter as you run, the North Face ultra-endurance has gusseted tongue to protect you. It is also well cushioned making it very comfortable.​

Top Features

  • Made of synthetic material
  • For toe protection, the shoe has a toe cap, the Molded-TPU
  • Availability of a FlashDry in the collar lining
  • The ESS snake plate offers protection for the forefoot with an 8mm offset
  • Provides you protection from any debris you are likely to encounter during the race, thanks to the gusseted tongue



  • Has a snake plate whose purpose is to offer protection from the rough trail
  • Quite stable, thanks to the Ultra Protect Cradle
  • Its outsole offers fantastic grip on the ground in every other weather condition
  • Comfortable since it is very well cushioned



It is true that purchasing the best shoes for half marathon can be a headache to most people at times. This is because there are so many brands of shoes available on the market with great features. These brands are also employing various marketing strategies in the bid to outdo their competitor and sell more products.

This comprehensive review article has highlighted some of the basic skills that one needs to acquire to make a perfect choice. The features and qualities to be considered have been highlighted above, and it is now upon you as the potential buyer to consider all of them.

From our review, we found the North Face Ultra Endurance to be the shoe that will give every other half marathon runner the ultimate experience that will lead them to victory. It is made up of a durable material to serve you longer. Its grip is excellent, and so it can serve you on rough ground as well as on the slippery ground.

Consider all the other shoe brands that we have reviewed and get to experience what they have to offer. This is the way to go if you want to select the best for yourself. Please don’t forget to inform us of your selection and the reason why you chose that particular one and not any of the rest.



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