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Most people do a lot of walking than they realize. Even though walking is regarded as a great form of exercise, it is our duty to ensure that we improve our health and comfort level while we walk around. Shoes are designed for various purposes and functions. A shoe that is designed for running might be uncomfortable, giving you blisters and sores especially if you use them for an extensive walk.

As an extensive Walker, one of the most important things to do to protect your legs is to get yourself the best walking shoes of the best brand in which Nike happens to be one. Have you been looking to get yourself the best Nike walking shoes? If yes, this article might be able to help. Now, stay tuned as I bring you the best Nike walking shoe reviews to help you in making the right choice.

How to select the best walking shoes

Choosing the right walking shoe might not be as easy as it seems, however, the following factors might be able to help you in making the right choice.


Heavy shoes can strain and stress your feet which could later result in feet pain and injury. Walking in shoes that are too heavy does not only increase your chances of getting feet pains but also increases your chances of getting feet fatigue. Hence, the best walking shoes should be light in weight. Ensure that the weight of the shoe is okay for you before making a purchase.

Shock absorption

Shoes with good shock absorption will ensure good health and protection to your feet. Some shoes are better shock absorber than the others; it is, therefore, advisable to jump up and down in those shoes to determine their shock absorbing capabilities before making your purchase. Just remember that the more the shock absorbing capability of the shoe, the more suitable it is for walking.

Shape and type of your feet

Even if your normal shoe size is 9, your feet may have a shape that is different from another person who uses the same size as yours. Your shoes may be uncomfortable or unsuitable for walking if they are too wide, too narrow, too short or too long. Have your foot examined by a shoe specialist and then select the shoe that is best suited for your arch type (flat, neutral or high).

Shoe flexibility and support

A good walking shoe should easily bend to imitate your feet’s flexibility while producing some resistance to twist while you walk. You should also go for a shoe that is well cushioned where it is needed the most. Instead of looking for extra cushioning at the heels, go for shoes that have a good amount of cushioning not only at the heels but also at the ball of the foot.

Other Tips that may be required for the best walking shoe selection

  • Your feet are likely to be swollen at the evening period of the day; this is the ideal period to shop for shoes. You are less likely to select undersized shoes at this period of the day.
  • Since one of your feet may be longer or larger than the other, it is advisable to try both feet before making your selection.
  • Before you purchase those shoes, walk in them and ensure that they are okay for you.

The Review

Are you looking for the best walking shoes? Check out our top picks below.

New Men’s NIKE Rosherun Print Casual Walking Fashion Sneakers

The Nike Rosherun Walking Fashion Sneakers is one of the lightest shoes you would find on the market. It is constructed from a durable material that does not only provide a soft, flexible feel but also fit the legs like a second skin. The padded collar and the inner sleeve provide excellent cushioning and comfort. It also features a molded traction pattern and stretchy upper which offers a superb breathability. This shoe simply delivers on its promise of quality and reliability.


  • It is flexible
  • It has excellent breathability
  • This shoe is well cushioned for comfort, can take you long distances without hurting your foot
  • It is light in weight
  • The shoe is nice and attractive
  • Available in a wide variety of color


  • The shoe runs narrow
  • A few durability issues

Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Training Shoe

The Men’s Air Monarch IV is another great Nike walking shoe.  Not only is it good for walking but also works perfectly for workout training. It features a durable and lightweight leather construction and a synthetic rubber sole that provides excellent traction on a variety of surfaces. The leather construction features a soft fabric lining and a lot of cushioning that ensures optimum comfort and reduce foot irritation. The midfoot and forefoot are perforated to enhance breathability and reduce heat on your foot so you can walk in it all day with no issue.


  • It is light in weight
  • It is durably made with its users in mind
  • Superb cushioning and support, highly comfortable to walk in
  • Excellent stability that stops the foot from rolling while walking


  • Produces squeaking sounds while walking

Nike Women’s AF1 Flyknit Low Casual Shoe

The Nike women’s AF1 Flyknit is another amazing product for extensive walkers. The shoe is made from a durable and lightweight Flyknit material that enhances breathability without tampering with the shoe’s aesthetic value.  With this shoe on your legs, you would probably think you’re walking on a pillow as it is made not only to fit but also to offer a great deal of comfort. The shoe features a rubber outsole for excellent traction and also a leather heel tab and tongue that gives it its premium appearance.


  • Super comfortable to walk in (well cushioned)
  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • It is durable and reliable
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for people with narrow foot



In a nutshell, these are the best Nike walking shoes available on the market. They are recognized and selected for their superb cushioning, breathability, and stability control. However, these are just our picks. If you have an additional view or feel your favorite Nike walking shoe is not mentioned in this article, feel free to use our comment box.

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