A hybrid bike can be one of the exceptionally good choices when it comes to biking. They are designed for you to ride around town both on the road and some off-road terrains. Do you need a comfortable mountain bike or commuter bike? The best hybrid bike 2017 might be able to fill the gap.


As you shop for your bike, there are a lot of important things you need to consider. Do you want a bike that is affordable or a high-quality bike? High-quality components are generally offered by expensive bikes, have that in mind in case you don’t want to spend much money on an excellent and reliable hybrid. A cheaper hybrid might be all you need if you are a newbie or plan to ride the bike to short distances. However, you should spend enough cash to get a better component hybrid bike in case you are going to use it for longer distances and all the time.

Also, you can get a hybrid with lesser gears if you will be riding on a flat terrain or you can get by with many gears if you plan to ride on terrains that are rolling or hilly. Additionally, most hybrid bikes are made from carbon, steel or aluminum. Steel is the least used has it could make the bike heavy. However, if you are looking for a bike to ride to the store or shop on a summer day, it might be a nice choice. Aluminum hybrid seems to be a more popular choice because it is durable, comfortable to ride and relatively light. Starting to turn out to be the best hybrid bikes are the ones built with carbon. Even though it is expensive, you might take a shorter time to reach your destination.

Generally, when planning on getting a hybrid bike consider the:

  • Brakes
  • Handlebar shape
  • Gears
  • Wheel size
  • Suspension of the bike
  • Material used for the frame
  • Tires


Outside their easy to handle and comfortability character, the best hybrid bike 2017 offers some other benefits. They could offer you a safe ride from one place to another without harming you or the environment. With these bikes, you don’t have to bother about the heavy traffic and even the level of fuel inside the tank. Also, parking is not a problem, as you can place the bike at your side while shopping anywhere. Apart from their commuting ability, hybrids are used for exercises and fitness. Another benefit of this bike is that it fits all budgets.  They have some additional attachments such as bottle holder and baskets for users to put their stuff. 


Compared to a traditional road bike, most hybrid bikes possess lightweight steel and aluminum frames and wider tires that can slow its rider down a bit while riding on the pavement. Unlike other common bikes with cushioned saddles and laid back riding position, hybrids offer a slim saddle that is soft and an upright seating position. The lightweight tire is one of the attributes of most hybrid bikes as it rolls on pavements easily and makes acceleration and climbing easier. They have components that are adjustable which would allow you to change to a more speed-oriented profile.


To use the best hybrid bike 2017, you might need to put some things in place. These are whistle or bell, headlamp, water bottle, rare and front light and helmet (a new one and not an old one). In case you are riding far, pack a portable pump, tire levers and spare tube that can help you fix any problem on the go. Also, you should put on a comfortable toe-closed shoe having a gripping rubber sole. Additionally, you should:

  • Thoroughly clean and maintain the best hybrid bikes so it doesn’t lose its functionality and value
  • Take precautions before riding fast, especially on busy roads
  • Not ride when the light is low


The best hybrid bike brands

There are many brands of hybrid bike, some of which offers the best hybrid bike 2017. Some of the best hybrid bike brands from which you can choose are Fortified city, Sixthreezero, Firmstrong, Vilano, Schwinn, Diamondback, and Tommaso.   

Using price as a factor, below are the best hybrid bikes 2017.

Best hybrid bikes under 300

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle


  • This bike has 7 gears which are perfect for better hill climbing and fast speed
  • It has wide handlebars with foam grips from where the front and rare handbrakes are operated. This makes braking comfortable
  • Another good feature is the dual spring oversized seat which offers an added comfort.
  • It has a steel cruiser frame and aluminum wheels that ensure a high durability
  • Wide whitewall tires are included and this offers a cushioned ride over bumps


  • The bike is 80% assembled by the manufacturer, so you have less stress assembling it
  • The gear shift seamlessly and with ease through the handlebar shifter
  • The handbrakes can be easily operated and also offer great stopping power no matter the terrain
  • The bike is light weighted
  • It offers a smooth paddling


  • It is limited to users that are 5’4” to 6’2” tall

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid bike



  • It features a padded saddle and upright handlebar for adequate support and comfort
  • This bike features 21-speed shifters and Schwinn suspension fork that helps in absorbing shock.
  • Another good future is an aluminum frame that is purposely designed for city use
  • It has a rear gear carrier and Promax alloy linear pull brakes that provide convenience to the users


  • The bike is preassembled and this reduces the stress of assembling it
  • The seat is well padded and gives great comfort
  • It rear carriage carrier is perfect for small baskets and seats
  • You can control your speed in case you are going downhill
  • It has a modern and sleek look
  • Its proximal alloy brake offers a safe stop
  • It is a great hybrid bike for it price


  • It is not a good fit for users shorter than 59″
  • The brakes and gears need to be adjusted before use
  • It is a slower choice due to its cruiser-oriented style

Vilano Shadow 2.0 Road Hybrid bike



  • It features a lightweight 6061 double butted aluminum frame. I really appreciate this feature considering the fact that it gives the opportunity to carry the bike easily
  • It came with free pedals which ensure easy and comfortable paddling
  • Included is an alloy handlebar, dual pivot alloy caliper brakes, and a threadless fork
  • This product has an integrated headset and it also has an anatomic comfort saddle
  • It posses 14 speeds, Shimano STI integrated brake lever, and 700c tires.


  • The integrated brake lever shifters makes shifting and braking possible in a single unit
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It has decent frames and wheels
  • For the low cost, it is quite a lot of bike
  • It is a lightweight bike
  • You can easily personalize the seat so as to get the seating position pretty comfortable
  • The frames are well designed, light and durable


  • Some users said the shifting is too stiff
  • It lacks front shocks
  • It tires sometimes deflates after riding for few miles

There are some top quality, road worthy and best hybrid bikes under $500. The best of which are reviewed below.

Best hybrid bikes under 500

There are some top quality, road worthy and best hybrid bikes under $500. The best of which are reviewed below.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney women’s 26 inches touring hybrid bike



  • It is built to have 26 inches semi slick wheels
  • They came in 3 different beautiful colors; Navy, Teal, and Cream. This gives you the chance to select your favorite color
  • This product has a Shimano 7-speed internal hub which makes it suitable for uphill, trail, street and long distance riding
  • Included are the handlebars that keep the back upright and also relax the shoulder during rides
  • The tires are 1.95 inches wide and soft making the bike adapt to any terrain
  • Another good feature is it seat which is well cushioned and soft creating a comfortable place to seat while riding. This would have been really useful for long distance rides
  • It is features an aluminum frame and fenders


  • It is suitable for all types of rides
  • Optional water bottle and rear basket can be easily added due to the attachment point on the frame
  • It offers an extra wide cruiser saddle that creates comfort while riding
  • The pedal position and foot-forward seat makes it easy for riders having varying height to stop and place their feet flat on the ground while still in the saddle
  • The bike is incredibly light and the 7 speeds shifts easily
  • The price is great, compared to similar bike
  • If you have issues with your hands and legs or foot, the wide handlebars and perfect pedals will ease your pain and make you comfortable


  • It can sometimes be difficult to assemble and this seems to be the only drawback of this EVRYjourney woman’s hybrid bike

Fortified city commuter theft resistant single speed bike



  • It features a 6061 rustproof aluminum frame and aluminum fork with fender and rack mount
  • The bike has an unbreakable U-lock and security bolts which make it highly theft resistant
  • It comes with puncture resistant tires that can adapt to rough terrains for a long period of time
  • It features Promax 15 degrees 20mm handlebars and Promax dual pivot caliper brakes
  • Unlike other hybrid bikes, it is a one-speed bike


  • The bike is light, sturdy and easy to handle
  • The saddle is weather-proof
  • Easy assemblage is guaranteed
  • It is easy to carry up and down the stairs
  • The chain and aluminum frame is rust resistant


  • With time, the pedal may lose and need to tightened
  • It has a lesser efficient braking system compared to other best hybrid bikes 2017

Sixthreezero Men’s In The Barrel 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle



  • It has an 18 inches durable extended steel frame in 1,2, or 3 gear options
  • This product offers effective and strong brakes for safe ride
  • Another feature is it wider tires which ensure an effective gripping system.
  • It has a single braking system and does not have hand brakes
  • It features a higher level of adjustment
  • Rubber block pedals are included for comfortable and easy pedaling
  • This bike offers wider handlebars which ensure comfortability and greater control


  • The 3-speed options makes it easy to adjust the speed as you like
  • As you ride the tires provide enough cushioning
  • The brake improves the safety of users and better control are also ensured
  • It offers faster and easier mobility
  • No stress when assembling it


  • The packaging is poor
  • Chain can sometimes make some disturbing sounds

Best hybrid bikes under 1000

The best hybrid bikes under 1000 might be the right choice to meet your biking needs if you are in search of a high quality and all-purpose ride.

Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike


●     It has a trusted aluminum alloy frame and butted tubes and this makes its durability and lightweight unique

●     Another feature is the forged rear dropout having a replaceable derailleur hanger. I really appreciate this feature as you don’t to bother about something breaking   

●     This bike has a great and perfect brake that ensures a decent control while riding on any terrain

●     Included are suspension folks that allow a great steer and balance of the bike. This works most, while on curves 


●     The derailleur and brakes are perfectly adjusted 

●     It is very easy to setup

●     It is huge and fast

●     This bike offers an easy gear shifting

●     Adjusting any part of the bike is easy

●     Tools were included compared to some other bikes

●     It is a great beginner bike

●     It can survive any road condition


●     The seat seems to be hard for most users

●     It might also be heavy for some users

Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike



●     It has a light aluminum compact frame together with a steel fork. I really appreciate this feature as it ensures maximum durability

●     It posses shifters which provide consistent and smooth shifting no matter the riding condition

●     This bike has premium ultra compact handlebars that offer increased comfort and power

●      Another good feature is it wheels which offer strength and reliable performance for all road conditions 

●     The shifter has double levers which give users up and down shifting without changing their grip

●     Another nice feature it offers is it 3 varieties of colors, which gives you the chance to select the perfect one

●     This product has 24 speeds that provide pure performance and power


●     The bike cruises quietly, brakes are good and does not make noise and shifting is accurate

●      It is an excellent bike that worth its price

●     It has a lightweight

●     It is comfortable to ride

●     Fast and easy to handle


●     Brakes needs slight adjustment before use

Eshion Electric mountain Bicycle E-bike with Lithium-Ion Battery Features



  • It features a very strong carbon steel front fork and a frame that is 100% high-end aluminum alloy. I admire this features as it provides comfort and help in absorbing shock while riding
  • This bike has a loud horn and LED headlamp. Both features makes night riding safe
  • Included is a 21-speed transmission system which gives users the opportunity to freely choose while riding
  • It comes with front and rear disc brakes that ensure safe stop and control on rough terrains
  • This product came with a Li-battery that is smart and Eco-friendly. I like this feature because it offers a long ride of about 35kms to 60kms
  • other features are it seat that is fully adjustable, ergonomic grips for safe and comfortable riding and it lightweight which makes it easy for users to carry
  • My favorite feature is it two working mode; assisted bicycle and E-bike. This helps relieve you of using extra strength while riding


  • The battery is removable and easy to charge
  • Assembling is easy
  • It is not noisy
  • it is safe to ride in any weather condition


  • The battery get used up faster if run on a fully electric mode


This is the review of the best hybrid bikes in a nutmeg. However, if your ultimate goal is to get the best hybrid bike 2017, the Fortified city commuter theft resistant single speed bike is the perfect choice. Its rust resistant frame, puncture resistant tires, and theft resistant are the outstanding features which make it one of its kind.     

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